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Paxton Gate
Hanging garden kits from Paxton Gate

Ever since the so-called pole gardener attached planters to parking meters in the Inner Richmond last summer, we?ve been thinking outside the (planting) box.

Hanging gardens are a clever way to spruce up a bare wall and maximize greenery. And there?s no better person to show you how to sow and reap the benefits than Sean Quigley, proprietor of Paxton Gate, the eccentric gardening store slash landscape design firm in the Mission.

Quigley offers his tips for the mounted garden, at three price points:

Framed Vertical Garden Box This red cedar box ($40) works best with succulents because they set roots so easily. Quigley prefers slower-growing varieties like echeveria, aeonium and sedum, which won?t become unruly. Hang it someplace that gets ample sunlight.

Hanging Garden DIY Kit A step up design-wise, this kit ($325) will give you more creative freedom in terms of what you plant--tillandsias (a.k.a. air plants) work well, as do succulents. Quigley suggests arranging the baskets in a grid pattern and filling each one with a different plant.

Custom Hanging Gardens You can enlist Quigley himself ($4,500) to build and install a four-foot-by-six-foot panel that includes an irrigation system and misters. He?ll choose plants based on your taste and what will thrive best in your environment. We?re told it will deck your wall for decades.

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