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Marie-Veronique Nadeau
Marie-Veronique Nadeau, author of "The Yoga Facelift"

We?ll try pretty much anything to rid ourselves of wrinkles--pricey creams, dermaplaning. But yoga for our face? It sounded a little outlandish.

We stopped crinkling our foreheads in disbelief when we saw Marie-Véronique Nadeau?s skin. The Mill Valley-based woman behind Marie Veronique Organics, who is in her early sixties, has the complexion of a 20-something with plump cheeks and zero brow creases. She recently released the second edition of her book, The Yoga Facelift.

In it, Nadeau relays new research showing that strengthening and stretching your facial muscles--all 109 of them--can diminish lines over time. Convinced (or just desperate?), we asked her to share a few of her exercises for diminishing wrinkles.

The Scowl Banisher Draw your brows together, then place your fingertips on either side of that scowl line and gently pull your fingers apart to smooth it out. Now move your fingers farther apart so they rest in the middle of your forehead, stretching those muscles outward toward your temples. Repeat five times.

The Cheek Lifter Place your index finger on your right temple. Curl it slightly to move your cheek up and back, contracting your cheek muscle to make the crease that curves around your mouth (a.k.a. the marionette line) disappear. Do this ten times quickly, then repeat on the other side. (Thankfully, the book includes easy-to-follow photos, too.)

If our skin will look as youthful as Nadeau?s, we?ll gladly do these exercises daily.

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