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First cross-stitch, now bread pudding--oldies are really the new goodies in this city. Schulzies is singlehandedly reinventing the traditional dessert, turning it into the new It treat.

The bread-pudding mecca, which recently opened in Hayes Valley, serves a rotating selection of 108 (108!) inventive flavors, such as Enchanted Espresso, I Sigh for Acai Berry and Love Me Some Lavender. But it’s the quality, not the quantity, that makes this new addition to the SF foodie scene so appetizing.

The woman behind the bread-pudding-palooza, Sarah Schulzie, started experimenting at home in her kitchen and devoted years to perfecting the texture and taste. Her recipes yield rich, custardy mounds of gooey goodness.

In a twist, Schulzie uses fresh bread, with decadent results. She also tries to source her ingredients hyper-locally--within Hayes Valley. And she has enlisted Bakeworks to produce the pudding under her supervision.

On a recent visit we had to restrain ourselves from tasting every flavor--but we broke our diet and devoured the Blissed Out Blueberry and Millie Vanillie Bean. An assortment of toppings and sauces are gratis, but you don’t even need them: This pudding stands on its own.

364 Hayes St.; 415-565-7336 or

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