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The Golden Gate Bridge gets all the glory. (Did you see those fireworks for its 75th anniversary?!) But the Bay Bridge is about to have its moment in the spotlight.

The structure is celebrating its own 75th birthday this year, and a groundbreaking installation called The Bay Lights is going to make it impossible not to notice. Illuminate the Arts has commissioned internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal--whose work has lit up the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.--to create the largest LED light sculpture in the world along the western span of the bridge.

Villareal's team began suspending 25,000 energy-efficient lights mounted on the vertical cables in September. A grand lighting ceremony is slated for early March, and the bridge will be illuminated for two years.

One of those twinkling lights can have your name on it: Through the Gift of Light, you can choose a bulb to call your own by selecting one on the site?s digital interface. Once you purchase it--$50 is the minimum--you can name it, dedicate it or give it as a gift. The proceeds help fund the installation.

Driving over to the East Bay is starting to look a whole lot brighter.

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