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Even those of us (present company included) who devote our livelihoods to technology need to take a break from it sometimes--especially in this digital-centric city.

No one knows this better than Levi Felix. The former vice president of a socially minded tech start-up, he burned out and wound up in the hospital with internal bleeding a few years ago. He quit his job, traveled abroad and lived off the grid, studying yoga and meditation. When he got back to the Bay Area, he started The Digital Detox.

Devoted to helping the electronic-addicted in this area power down and decompress, Felix hosts four-day retreats at remote, relaxing locales such as Orr Hot Springs and Shambhala Ranch. Guests leave their phones, computers and even watches off the entire time. Instead of typing and watching the clock, they fill their days with hikes, yoga classes, journaling and mindfulness exercises led by wellness practitioners.

So far, The Digital Detox has received rave reviews from participants ranging from a Google exec to Airbnb employees (corporate retreats can also be arranged). Felix is planning monthly retreats for 2013--the first one is January 24 to 27, and spots are still open. He is also organizing one-day retreats in the New Year and will be hosting monthly device-free happy hours in the city.

You can email, text and tweet all about it when you get back.

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