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We could all use a little extra support, especially during this crazed time of year. Luckily, the women in A Band of Wives are here for you to lean on.

Founded by Christine Bronstein, ABOW is a Bay Area-based private social network for married and single women that champions the power of female connection (it?s easy to join). The group strives to bring women together within their communities. Online, members support one another through their personal pages, forums and blogs. And offline, members attend organized events that range from benefits to zip-lining.

Bronstein recently co-edited an anthology by fellow ABOW members called Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God. Filled with original essays, poems and artwork by big names such as Joyce Maynard as well as regular Janes, the book explores everything from the heartbreak of losing a sister to finding fulfillment in photographing nudes. Its voices and images are real, raw and authentic: You will find yourself in at least one of its stories.

You can share your tale in print too: Contribute your essay or artwork to be published in the My Story edition (it costs $40 to submit). A customized copy of the book ($25) that includes your work will be available on Amazon with you listed as one of the authors.

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