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We?ve finally emerged from our Thanksgiving food coma only to find that our skinny jeans are feeling a little?snug. And our heads are still a little hazy.

Not ones to jump on any old diet bandwagon, we were delightfully relieved to learn about the new Thrive Cleanse. Created by two San Francisco nutritionists who legitimately love to eat, this is not a tasteless torture device.

Thrive juices are made from hydraulically pressed organic produce and nut milks (our favorite flavor is Fennominal Greens, made with apples, cucumbers, fennel and mint). And you?re not locked into one draconian program: There are several options that range from three to five days and $65 to $75, including a custom cleanse and one that includes a raw snack and a vegetarian meal.

Founders Megan Propp and Stephanie Hubbard know their nourishment. They both attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, learning from health and wellness bigwigs like Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. David Katz. They offer nutrition consultation packages in conjunction with the cleanses, if you want to get more serious about what you eat.

Thrive offers free delivery on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in the city. Or you can pick up your cleanse and buy individual bottles ($8 to $9 each) at the Thrive Juicery at Nectar Wine Lounge, where the juices can also be mixed with sparkling wine--when you?re ready to retox.

Thrive Juicery at Nectar Wine Lounge, 3330 Steiner St.

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