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This time of year--with the holiday flurry of errands, appointments and events--we start wishing we could clone ourselves.

The tech geniuses in this city still haven’t cracked human cloning, but a new app from TaskRabbit offers a convenient solution: Building on the success of the company’s original service that allows you to source out your chores to bidders in their digital marketplace, Deliver Now offers on-demand delivery of almost anything within city limits on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Whatever you desperately need to be picked up (groceries, a prescription, your dog from the groomer) or dropped off (a package at the post office, donations to Goodwill), Deliver Now will do it for you. Just sign up on the site or download the iPhone app and enter your request. A TaskRabbit (a.k.a. a friendly messenger) in your area will be assigned to your errand and contact you to confirm your information. Your job will usually be done within the hour.

There’s a flat fee of $10 for every delivery, along with the cost of your errand. The service is available only in San Francisco right now, so take advantage of it!

We did: During a particularly crazed afternoon when an additional dose of caffeine was absolutely necessary--and leaving the desk was not an option--a TaskRabbit graciously delivered a skim cinnamon gingerbread latte from Peet’s (OK, and a sugary confection too).

Day saved.

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