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The bike seat that?s also a bike lock

If you’ve ever parked your bike around town, you know it’s better to be safe than sorry.

That’s why Seatylock is our new best friend.

Basically, it’s a bike seat that doubles as a lock (probably the most genius invention since the SodaStream). Once you’ve parked, just lift the saddle off the frame, unfold the hidden chain, wrap it around the bike rack and lock it into place.

Designed by urban riders for city use, this multipurpose gadget fits any standard bike and comes in two different models. One is narrow and light and designed for hard-core cyclists. The other is a bit wider and plusher and therefore more appealing to women.

Preorder the seat now for $90 and expect your brilliant new device to arrive early this spring.

Now that’s an investment well worth our while.

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