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Hire the perfect gent, by the hour
Whatever suits your fancy.
Mickey Finnegan

No, it’s not an escort service. And you don’t need to worry that you just ordered a sweaty, gyrating stripper.

“So what exactly is ManServants?” you ask.

Well, it’s a totally legit and purely PG-rated start-up in San Francisco that offers gentlemen for hire--with the sole purpose of treating you like a queen for a day.

Yes, the perfect man can be yours for a mere $125 an hour.

Here are some of the things your ManServant can do for you: He can be your personal photographer, bartender, bodyguard or butler. He can work a bachelorette party (no lap dances, we promise), refilling your Champagne glasses and posing for photos. He can accompany you to the club and keep grinding creepsters at bay.

How does it work? Simply head to the ManServants site and start by describing the logistics of your event and your idea of the perfect male--maybe he’s a tall, dark James Bond type who wears a sharp suit, or maybe he’s a guitar-slinging artist who answers to “Catalano.”

Choose your dude from a pool of qualified (and heavily screened) candidates, and ManServants will handle the rest of the process.

See? The perfect man does exist. He just costs a pretty penny.

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