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A tool for better DIY manicures

DIY manicures are high on the list of things we hate to do, mostly because one hand always turns out sloppy.

Now there’s the Julep Plié Wand ($25), a long, tapered brush that’s ergonomically designed to give you more control, stability and accuracy when painting your own nails.

So how does it work?

Well, the design is actually pretty basic. A joint near the base of the wand swivels to different angles, meaning you can rest it in the crook of your hand and find the most comfortable grip for keeping the brush steady.

On our first try, we found we were able to paint with precision using our non-dominant hand. We even got compliments on our paint job, and no one guessed that we did it ourselves.

The Plié fits into most nail-polish bottles, and you can use the same brush over and over. Simply clean it with polish remover after each use, and you’re ready to go again.

At least now you can take “learn to be ambidextrous” off your to-do list.

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