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OK, you have a bit of a habit. In the morning, you line up on Linden Street to order the off-menu Gibraltar (double espresso shot and milk). In the afternoon, you find an excuse for an iced New Orleans (hey, it’s only four months to Mardi Gras!). And at night, you’re already dreaming about your next Tcho chocolate caffe mocha.

Before you spend your entire paycheck on Blue Bottle, sign up for Blue Bottle at Home, the cult coffee’s new online subscription delivery service.

Simply go online and choose from three options. The Origin offers single-origin coffees that change biweekly. The Blend is a rotating shipment of Blue Bottle’s most popular dark-roast drip coffees. And the Espresso is just what it sounds like--a subscription for latte lovers.

You can even choose the frequency and size of your orders--from six-ounce half bags ($11), good if you’re not a big coffee drinker and live solo, to 36-ounce triple-bag shipments ($38), if you have a house full of coffee lovers who drink multiple cups a day.

We'd say it's the Goldie Locks of subscription services.

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