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Move Loot?s furniture consignment marketplace
First dibs on that refurbished bar cart.
Casey Collins

Moving is the worst. First you have to sell your old furniture (gently loved TV tray, anyone?). Then you have to buy it all over again in a new city. And don?t even get us started on schlepping all of one?s possessions across the country.

In the ?90s, Craigslist came to the rescue. Today, we have Move Loot.

The Dogpatch-based start-up is designed to take some of the time, cost and headache out of moving. Its online marketplace lets you buy gently used furniture or consign pieces to sell. And unlike Craigslist, you don?t have to accept checks from strangers or borrow your friend?s truck to haul your finds across town.

Here's how it works: If you're looking to sell, just take photos of your furniture and upload them using the iPhone app. Provide the brand, the retail cost and how much you want to sell for. Then schedule a time for Move Loot to pick up your goods. They?ll do the selling for you and take a 50 percent cut.

Buying? Browse and purchase from the site, then set up your delivery. Shipping is free on orders over $99, and you can get your items as soon as the following day.

Bargain-hunting tip: Pieces that linger on the site for more than 30 days go on sale, so keep your eye on that geometric Magis chair.

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