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Local artisans take on simple seasonings
A little seasoning goes a long way.

In San Francisco, we like to make everything from scratch: cocktail syrups, chocolate, shrubs and now salt.

Local artisans are using seawater off the coast to make light, snowflake-like crystals with flavors unique to the Pacific.

Here’s how it’s done: Salt harvesters collect seawater, run it through cheesecloth to remove debris and simmer it in large pots until small crystals begin to appear on the surface. The crystals continue to grow and sink to the bottom. The salt is then raked, drained and layered in pans to dry for several days. Here, three new salts to keep on your radar:

Briny and nutty La Mar’s Mendocino Nori Sea Salt is made with seaweed and toasted sesame seeds. It complements lightly flavored foods like fish, chicken and rice.

Sweet and savory The Sakura salt from Lightly Salted is made with pickled cherry blossoms that are dried, ground and added to flake salt. Try it on dark chocolate or the rim of a brandy glass.

A little spicy The recipe for Omnivore Salt’s signature blend has been passed down for generations. The natural salt harvested from the San Francisco Bay and sprinkled with secret spices is great in soups, stews and salad dressings.

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