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An Uber-like app for paying at restaurants
They're all just paying the bill.

You’ve just enjoyed dinner with friends, and your waiter is nowhere to be found. It’s getting late, you need to relieve the sitter and, let’s be honest, you’re dying to unbutton those skinny jeans. But you can’t leave until you get the check.

The new app Cover lets you pay with your phone--no waiting for the bill required.

Once you’ve created an account and entered your credit-card info, simply select the restaurant where you’re dining and click “Start a Table.” Be sure to tell your server that you’re using Cover before ordering so they can link your tab with the app. Then, when you’re ready to go, add the tip with just a few taps and head out. You don’t even have to alert your server.

Want to split the bill with some pals? Have them download Cover so they can join your table. The app will automatically add up your tab, evenly split the bill and factor in a default 20 percent gratuity.

Cover is currently available at 19 Bay Area restaurants, including Rich Table, Namu Gaji and Plum Bar, with more coming soon.

All in all, it’s as simple as the Uber you took to get to the restaurant in the first place.

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