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Samovar introduces future-craft tea
Yep, those would be "crucibles."

Picture this: You step inside a room filled with glass vessels of bubbling liquids and beakers of tea leaves.

No, it’s not a university science lab or a kitchen from the year 2050. You’ve just walked into the latest concept shop by the folks behind Samovar Tea Lounge.

Here, the tea is brewed in super-high-tech, Android-powered stainless-steel and glass “crucibles” that regulate temperature, agitation and steep time to exacting specifications. Endless choices? Not here. There are only ten teas on the menu.

Order the Green Ecstasy, a smooth blend of fresh-harvest sencha leaves with matcha powder that won’t over-caffeinate but will give you a laser-like focus. Get it in a to-go cup, or if you have a few minutes to spare, ask for it in a custom-made ceramic cup designed by Oakland’s Atelier Dion.

And if you’re a futurist, the payment of choice is Bitcoin. Yes, you read right. But for us mere mortals, cash will work just fine.

411 Valencia St.;

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