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Lumen's glow-in-the-dark bike technology
Can you see me now?

Anyone who?s biked through the city at night knows what a harrowing experience it can be. Where did that car come from? you wonder, as you hug the bike lane in panic. But wearing fluorescent gear isn?t exactly the most stylish way to get from A to B.

Now there?s Lumen, the latest two-wheeler from Mission Bicycle Company.

Designed with reflectivity in mind, the frame and rims are painted with a proprietary coating (the same science that?s behind hyper-reflective street signs) that boomerangs available light from car headlights, streetlamps and the like for a bright, glowing effect. No on/off switches or batteries required.

When the sun is out, Lumen looks like a sleek charcoal fixie. But after dark, the rider is cast aglow and visible from up to a thousand feet away.

That?s two chic looks in one bike: iridescent gray by day, bright white at night.

Custom bikes start at $1,245 and delivery is scheduled in August;

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