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This city may only be seven miles by seven miles, but we all know what a pain it can be to get around. 

Now, thanks to RideScout, you can see real-time information about numerous transportation options in an aggregated format.

Type in your start and end locations and hit “search rides.” RideScout pulls up a list of options, including car, train, taxi, scooter rental, bike and walking.

You can sort the results by speed, cost or mode and even get a look at parking options upon arrival. (Sure, a 20-minute drive is great, but if there’s nowhere to put your Jetta, you should probably go with the 35-minute bus ride.)

We used the app to get from the Panhandle to a weekday lunch at Park Tavern in North Beach. RideScout estimated a 12-minute drive without traffic, confirming that using our own car was the cheapest and fastest option.

MUNI, although only $4 for a round-trip, would have required two buses and a whopping 50 minutes. Scooting, at $3 round-trip, is a fun and cheap option (30 minutes). If we wanted to walk? Well, it would take one hour and 18 minutes--and we’d burn 371 calories.

We drove, in case you were wondering.

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