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A tequila rhubarb cocktail courtesy of Hopscotch
Is it happy hour yet?

Every spring and summer, you suspiciously eye that freshly picked rhubarb at the farmers market, wondering what on earth you could make with it.

Our 2014 answer: the Tequila Rhubarb Shrub cocktail from Oakland’s upscale diner Hopscotch.

The tangy yet sugary concoction tastes almost like a Sweet Tart and is just the kind of refreshment you’ll crave at a backyard barbecue.

We convinced Hopscotch’s bar manager, Jenny Schwarz, to share the recipe with us, and we fully intend to impress our guests with it come Memorial Day weekend.

What about your booze-free pals, you ask? You can mix the homemade rhubarb shrub with soda water instead.

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