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White Sangria
White Sangria Recipe with Peaches and Berries Erin McDowell

It’s almost 5 p.m. You’re expecting company. And you’re faced with a decision that could make or break your evening: Wine or cocktails? Well, dear friend, with our recipe for white sangria, you get the best of both drinks in one pitcher. To start, we freeze fresh peaches and raspberries, then combine the fruit with white wine, peach juice and orange-flavored liqueur. Instead of becoming diluted by ice cubes, the sangria will just get more flavorful as it chills, thanks to that frozen fruit. Bonus: This concoction is totally white-jeans-friendly.

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Makes 6 to 8 servings
Start to Finish: 1 hour 30 minutes (includes freezing time)


3 peaches, thinly sliced

1½ pints raspberries

1 lemon, zested and juiced

¼ cup peach juice

½ cup orange-flavored liqueur (such as Cointreau)

1½ bottles white wine (such as dry Riesling), chilled


1. Prepare the fruit: On a baking sheet, spread the peaches and raspberries in an even layer. Place the sheet in the freezer for at least 45 minutes, or until the fruit is frozen solid.

2. Make the sangria: Place the frozen fruit in a large pitcher. Add the lemon zest, lemon juice, peach juice, orange liqueur and wine, and stir to combine. Pour into glasses and serve.

Finishing Touches

It's the details that count! Try these tips

  • More of a red kind of gal? Replace the peaches with sliced oranges, the raspberries with quartered strawberries, and the white wine with a mild, dry red like Pinot Noir (also chilled).

  • Looking for another tasty cocktail? Try our Blood Orange Gin Spritz.

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