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Village Fishmonger
Dinner will be served shortly.

First, there was farm-to-table. Now it’s all about Montauk-to-table. (We totally made that up--just go with it.)

Whether you’re an environmental advocate or just a seafood fanatic, get in on Village Fishmonger.

Operating like a CSA (community-supported agriculture), Village Fishmonger is a CSF (community-supported fishery). So you buy into regular deliveries from local fishermen, promoting seafood that’s both responsibly caught and a far cry from whatever is behind the counter at Gristedes.

Here’s how to sign up: Find the pickup location closest to you and opt in for either a small share (one pound for $16.50) or a medium share (two pounds for $33) on a weekly or biweekly basis. Just like with a CSA, you pay up front (six months of biweekly shares comes to $99), but unlike a CSA, there are no seasonal deadlines for enrollment (you can join at any time). If you’d ever like to order additional fish (say, for an upcoming dinner party), you can simply add on à la carte.

A typical share usually includes some kind of finfish (like striped bass or tuna), filleted and ready to cook. But depending on natural factors (like weather and seasonal shifts), you may be supplemented with scallops or other shellfish.

Whatever it is, just add butter and enjoy.

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