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Flowers can make or break an event. But for every oooh at the site of bundled peonies is an awww at the end of the night just thinking about tossing perfectly good centerpieces. (Yes, Aunt Margaret, you can definitely fit a fifth one in your car.)

Out to change that is Rebloom, an NYC start-up that?s a win-win for both party hosts and everyday flower fans.

Here?s how it works: If you?re throwing a shindig, alert Rebloom that you?ll have leftover arrangements. After the event, someone will pick up them up, refrigerate overnight and deliver the flowers to interested customers the next day. A portion of the resale profit can even go to the charity of your choice (similar to consignment).

For those looking to buy fresh buds, simply check the site to see what?s currently available or sign up for email alerts. Both the U.N. and Charity Water have already joined the selling movement, but the selection of flowers to purchase should expand as we enter prime wedding season.

One woman?s bridesmaid bouquet is another woman?s birthday surprise.

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