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MTA Bus Time
Don't be this guy.

It’s a GPS world. We’re just living in it. (Right, mayor of Water Lily Nail Spa?)

And public transportation is one step closer to joining the 21st century--thanks to MTA Bus Time.

A municipal program that’s been slowly rolling out over the last two years, Bus Time is finally fully realized now that every New York City route is satellite-enabled.

There are a few ways to track down these suckers: You can download an app like Transit that shows nearby bus lines and a countdown of how long before each one arrives. Or once you’re at the bus stop, you can simply text the stop’s assigned number. (Find it on the post where the routes are listed.) The MTA will immediately respond with how far away the next bus is.

If you’re having drinks in a neighborhood you don't know that well, it might be best to use the Transit app. Check to see when the next crosstown ride is coming and plan just the right moment to bolt. But in our opinion, texting is best for buses you take on the regular. By cutting out the app's loading time, you don’t risk any lag in communication.

We’ve saved our daily stop’s number in our phone to know exactly how long we have to brush our teeth.

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