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Among the icons of luxury, there’s no more enduring image than the Cartier panther. It was Jeanne Toussaint, the famed artistic director of Cartier jewelry from 1933 to 1968, who turned this symbol into an icon. Her vision brought the panther to life--using materials such as diamonds and onyx--and captured its strength in every creation.

And now you can bring home some of that same fierce glamour with a new fragrance, La Panthère. Its bottle is sculpted to resemble the noble feline, which legend says has an irresistible scent that lures its prey. (Get an idea of the effect by watching model Erin Wasson in this captivating short video.)

The fragrance’s formula consists of a seductive base of velvety musk and oakmoss paired with a bright top note of bold, ultra-feminine gardenia. The resulting blend is completely modern--the sort of perfume you’d confidently wear with buttoned-up business attire or a daring cocktail dress.

Much like Toussaint and her precious inspiration, La Panthère represents an unexpected combination of qualities: a woman who is graceful yet rebellious. (You know, just like you.)

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