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Fellow coffee fiends, remember the moment you first discovered the Starbucks gold card? Suddenly your wallet was no longer littered with half-punched business cards, you started receiving occasional mochas on the house and, best of all, you could pay right from your phone.

Well, a similar rewards revolution is now taking over the indie-coffee-shop scene. Introducing CUPS.

Here’s the deal: You download the app (from iTunes or Google Play), buy a prepaid drink package (similar to putting money on your Starbucks card) and redeem at any participating brewer around town.

But rather than the occasional reward, you get serious discounts on each cup. The packages range from five drip coffees for $7 (a mere $1.40 each) all the way to unlimited espresso drinks for $85 a month (less than $3 for a daily cup). If you download today, CUPS is letting new members try the latter for free. And yes, it all includes large sizes and specialty milks. Once your account is loaded, simply order at the counter as you normally would, choose your drink on the app and show your phone to the cashier (who will tap a code to confirm the purchase).

We’ll be excited when the locations list expands. (Psst...nudge your favorite local spot to join.) But even if it just means scoring a $2.40 iced latte from Pushcart whenever we’re in Chelsea, we’re sold.

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