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There are a few things we?ve always wanted to know about supermodels: How is your hair so shiny? What do you use to achieve the skin of an infant? And, most important, how in God?s name can we get your body?

Mortals, meet modelFIT, a new boutique fitness space housed in Terry Richardson?s former photo studio. Owner Justin Gelband has privately trained the genetically gifted for years. (His client list is a veritable who?s who of every major catwalk.)

Though we anticipated a hard-core sweatfest, we left one of the beginners? classes with little more than a glow. But that?s exactly how Gelband wants it: challenging and productive, not aggressive and intimidating. He?s all about control, using subtle movements (think: teeny leg lifts) to build long, lean muscles. Aside from a few cardio bursts, we were repeatedly told to slow down--a command not often heard in our beloved spin classes and boot camps.

An hour with the ?model whisperer? doesn?t come cheap (a single class is $40), but if it means looking thismuch more like Miranda Kerr, it might be worth skipping that next Net-a-Porter binge.

ModelFIT, 212 Bowery (at Rivington St.); 212-219-2044 or

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