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Print is here to stay, folks. (Nothing can replace the Style section on a lazy Sunday.) But when you need immediate updates on Ukraine, are you going to pick up a stack of yesterday’s papers or your iPhone?

That’s why NYTNow, the Gray Lady’s new streamlined mobile app, is a pretty exciting development. Here are the main things to know about it:

What you’re not getting Every single essay explaining the Crimea region.

What you are getting The latest report on the conflict.

What it’s best used for Quickly staying abreast of the news. A human editor (not an algorithm) chooses what’s included, so it’s far easier to navigate than the existing app, which piles every last book review and op-ed piece into one overwhelming collection.

What it could improve upon We appreciate the categorized organization of its scrolling list (with groupings like “Mideast Peace Talks” and “Auto Safety”), but until you get the hang of the interface, it’s not as immediately clear as, say, a basic list of urgent headlines.

What’s good for subscribers It’s free with any other subscription level.

What’s good for non-subscribers It’s the cheapest way to read The Times’ reporting. Get unlimited monthly access for just $8--half the cost of the online subscription and what you’re already coughing up for Netflix.

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