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We couldn't believe it was IKEA either.

We New Yorkers have a defined set of skills: hailing a cab, having everything delivered and yes, at times, doing both of those things while a bit tipsy.

But somehow we’ve never managed to make the best use of our tiny charming space.

Naturally, IKEA comes to the rescue--and not just with the same old hanging shoe rack. Its brand-new urban-specific collection tackles problem areas of your apartment in a much chicer way.

Put your foyer to work with ladderlike wall shelves (perfect for bags, scarves, newspapers and keys). Give your laptop a proper home in a narrow secretary (which doubles as a standing desk). Grow an herb garden in a windowsill-sized greenhouse. And unfold a lightweight picnic table and bench for impromptu rooftop parties.

The pièce de résistance, though, is a pretty ingenious square chair that can nestle perfectly in the corner of your living room. Little stumbling block: That particular item isn’t available until August (setting calendar But every other space-saver is just a water-taxi ride away.

IKEA, 1 Beard St., Brooklyn; 888-888-4532 or

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