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Discovering new music is kind of the best. Your tired subway playlists get a swift kick in the pants. And also, don?t you feel instantly cooler after tipping off all your friends?

That?s why you need to get in on Sofar Sounds, which hosts private concerts in New Yorkers? living rooms. The primary aim is to introduce up-and-coming artists, but surprise guests (ahem, The National) have been known to pop by in the past.

Here?s what you do: Sign up for the NYC list. The venues are obviously small (a sprawling Tribeca loft still has an intimate vibe), so the attendee lists are chosen via lottery (new sign-ups get first preference; people who haven?t attended in a few months, second). If selected, you?ll get an email announcing your invite the morning of the show, but the performers themselves are never revealed. Want to skip the line? Offer to host your own (provided you have enough room).

A larger festival is also in the works for later this spring, so regardless of how you get involved, your cool factor will be the better for it.

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