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Oh yeah, that's better.

You?ve been sketching floor plans, stalking Pinterest and watching far too much HGTV. Sound familiar? It?s time you bite the bullet and remodel already.

But have no fear: The horror stories of delayed projects and MIA contractors are no longer a concern, thanks to Bolster.

The NYC-based company matches you with a reliable contractor and even guarantees that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Get started by filling out your basic contact information and providing a quick description of your plans (say, modernizing the bathrooms of your 19th-century brownstone).

After a short bidding process, you?ll choose your preferred proposal and lock in the terms by signing a fixed-price contract. Then, for a mere 3.5 percent of the total value (so $700 for a $20,000 job), your remodel is insured and guaranteed. If the workers don?t come through on their promises, Bolster will step in and complete it at no additional cost to you.

To sweeten the deal, Bolster is throwing in a free design consultation from HomePolish for PureWow readers who purchase a project guarantee.

Soon enough, you?ll be the one sparking Pinterest kitchen envy.

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