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How you know you?ve made it: a corner office, a second assistant and a personal driver. We can?t help you score windows or find someone whose sole job is to bring you coffee, but we have discovered the secret to high-powered transportation (and it?s not miraculously becoming Anna Wintour).

It?s the Whisk Ride Pass.

Basically it?s like if Uber took you to and from work everyday--but without the ludicrous surge pricing. You pay a flat weekly fee based on your pickup and drop-off locations, and you can book unlimited rides between the two spots (thanks to a handy app).

We calculated that traveling from the Upper West Side to Midtown would cost about $148 a week, or $15 a trip if you used it twice a day for five days (not including tip). You also get a bonus ride (anywhere in Manhattan below 110th Street) on the house, plus 10 percent off additional ones beyond that.

Sure, it?s quite the price hike from the $112 unlimited monthly subway fare, but for those of you already cabbing it every day, there?s not much difference. Even if you just have a stressful schedule coming up, you can register for the service for a single week and cancel at any time.

Now, where?s that triple venti soy no-foam latte?

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