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For all the ways Instagram has democratized photography (Valencia, in case you were wondering, is our favorite filter), it still takes a professional eye to capture a truly inspiring image on the fly.

And a new documentary--Everybody Street--proves just that by highlighting 13 of New York’s most iconic guerrilla photographers.

Jill Freedman snapped 1970s police. Boogie got in deep with the Bloods. Ricky Powell shot Basquiat and Warhol. Mary Ellen Mark focused on run-of-the-mill misfits. And filmmaker Cheryl Dunn found a connection between all of them by splicing photos with interviews and reflections on the historical significance of each frame. From well-known artists like Elliott Erwitt to underground influencers like Jamel Shabazz, the scope of the work is more than just entertaining--it’s eye-opening.

The doc is currently touring the festival circuit around the country, but you can stream it through Vimeo for $5 or buy it for $13. Know this: It’s gritty, it’s real, it’s sometimes hard to watch--but it’s a fantastic reminder that you live in the most dynamic city in the world.

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