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Doggie jerseys to celebrate your international roots
This is Maya. She loves South Korea.

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re obsessed with dogs. Yours, ours--any will do. (Just wait till we kick off our March Madness-style Puppy Playoffs on Facebook.)

So imagine our squeals upon discovering My Bro. It's a line of jerseys...for dogs.

Local fashion designer, soccer player and Pomeranian papa Alexander Campaz got inspired by the upcoming World Cup this summer in Brazil and wanted to help people celebrate their international ties. So he launched a Kickstarter campaign to sell styles for 32 different countries. For donating $30, the reward is a jersey featuring your nation of choice ($50 for two), which should arrive before the games start in June.

Campaz’s jerseys are made with the same durable fabrics, hemming and printing techniques as those worn by the pros, so this is no flimsy Petco sweater that barely makes it through a pileup at the dog park. (We snagged a preview sample, and it’s legit.)

But you don’t even have to be a soccer fan to get in on the fun: The beauty of this line is that it doesn’t feature team logos but rather country flags. Think of them like hilarious little T-shirts repping your homeland.

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