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Phones ringing. Heels clicking. Your cubicle mate?s gum smacking... Sometimes offices aren?t exactly the most productive places to, you know, get work done.

But a new service can help you get some much-needed peace and quiet: Introducing Breather, which lets you rent private studios around town.

To make a reservation ($25 for each half hour), download the app or use the online booking tool. Select a location (so far there are studios by Penn Station, near the Flatiron Building and in Soho) and time frame (our advice: plan a day or two in advance). Breather will then send you a calendar invite upon booking and a unique code to unlock the door when you check in at the building.

Inside each sun-drenched and impeccably decorated space, you?ll find a table and desk chairs (perfect for spreading out the presentation you desperately need to prepare for), a couch and armchairs (say, if you and your coworkers need to brainstorm that next big project), high-speed Wi-Fi, an iPhone charger and other goodies (hint: that means candy).

Whether you need to prep for a major meeting or kill time between appointments, this is a far cry from the corner Starbucks.

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