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The new service for booking veterinarian house calls
We don't want to go to the doctor's office either.

Doggie parents: We have news for you. Gone are the days of taking off work to wait around a crowded vet’s office (with a line of six howling cats ahead of you).

Why? Because BarkCare has launched.

A new service for booking at-home vet visits, it lets your pooch get wellness checkups, vaccinations and illness diagnoses without ever having to leave the couch--even at 8 p.m.

Schedule appointments right on the site (an iPhone booking app should be releasing any day now, too) and see someone within 24 hours (often in less time). All your payment info and medical records are stored online, making future bookings a breeze. As for the cost, it’s comparable to traditional vets: House calls start at $99 and also include nail clipping, ear cleaning and gland get the point.

Sure, it’s perfect for elderly, oversized and particularly skittish pups, but really, any dog (and owner) can take advantage of the stress-free setup. According to BarkCare, 80 percent of pets’ needs can be taken care of at home, aside from surgical and emergency situations.

So don’t bother waking Nugget from his nap. The doctor will come to him.

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