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A food delivery service for the fancy spots
Blue Ribbon: It's what's for dinner.

New York crushes other cities for a variety of reasons: You can read a book on your commute. You can have that third cocktail and just cab it home. And you can have practically any food delivered--well, except the really good stuff.

But what if we told you a Chelsea resident could get a Mission Cantina burrito brought right to her door? That’s the idea behind Caviar.

It’s a new online service that delivers food from the places Seamless doesn’t. You’re not getting any old pepperoni pie; you’re having Bleecker Street Pizza’s famous Nonna Maria. The no-name sushi place need not apply; we’re talking Blue Ribbon. And forget those soggy diner fries; you’re now scarfing Pomme Frites.

Because Caviar works with some of the city’s best restaurants (a small but surely growing list), it does come at a cost ($10) and with geographical restrictions (Manhattan below 60th Street...for now). But it’s a pretty brilliant opportunity to jazz up office lunches since the delivery fee is flat rate and the drop-off time can be set in advance.

A serious brainstorming sesh requires Café Habana’s grilled corn--end of discussion.

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