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The utterly intriguing world of scent branding
Ever noticed the woody airs about the Jazz Room at the General?

We?re a city of born networkers. We meet; we mingle; we market. So we?re always fascinated to hear how to make a lasting impression.

The hottest trend on that front: olfactive branding, a new way to solidify an identity being pioneered by an NYC company called 12.29.

Sisters Dawn and Samantha Goldworm draw from their respective backgrounds in fragrance development at Coty (a beauty-industry leader) and consumer psychology for clients like L?Oréal to create ?scent logos? for businesses and even individuals. But these are a million miles from any ol? J.Lo perfume.

For Opening Ceremony?s recent New York Fashion Week show (you know, the one with the chocolate walls), the Goldworms diffused a complementary element of musk to make attendees subconsciously imagine a fingerprint in the chocolate (i.e., you would normally never eat off a wall in front of 200 fashion editors, but something in the air makes you do it).

But 12.29 mostly works with companies to design a one-of-a-kind fragrance for their spaces (through a micro-mist diffuser, candles, sprays and the like). That way, customers conjure up identifiable memories of the brand time and time again. It?s why you feel at ease every time you walk into the Viceroy (thanks to the berries-and-balsam-fir combo) or grab a bite at Catch (it has the same woody scent as The General).

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