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Full confession: We’ve personally avoided nail art like the plague (no grown woman should have nautical anchors on her fingers) and had even written off the trend entirely as being “over.”

That is, until our mind was blown by Miss Ladyfinger.

The popular NYC-based blogger, whose real name is Taryn Multack, takes inspiration from the runway and red-carpet dresses. She then recreates the patterns in a way that’s fresh, fun and surprisingly sophisticated. The key? Uniformity. (No accent nails allowed.)

From spring blooms by Elie Saab to mod ombré by Fendi, Multack features a range of examples for various tastes. But really, is there a better muse than Beyoncé? Nope.

Watch a fun video of Miss Ladyfinger at work (above), browse her endless collection online or, hell, just have her do it for you. She recently started offering her nail-painting services to others (starting at $80).

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