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Remember the first time you tasted Ben & Jerry’s? You had been going about life, perfectly content with simple cartons of vanilla and chocolate. Then suddenly these handheld pints entered the picture--full of heavenly cream, fruit, nuts, fudge and, of course, puns.

Well, one New Yorker is taking that exact experience to an entirely new level.

Prepare thy spoons for MilkMade, a local company that brings small-batch, farm-fresh and unexpectedly flavored ice cream straight to your door. (Think: handmade dulce de leche with chunks of churros.)

Here’s the deal: Sign up for a monthly subscription ($30 flat fee; cancel anytime), and during the first week of every month, you’ll receive two pints of surprise seasonal flavors (everything from pumpkin bread to salted watermelon) that never repeat.

Now, we know: Subscription services are a dime a dozen these days. But actually, these guys have been slinging pints for about four years now. (How did we miss this life-changing memo?) But when we discovered them through their recent Kickstarter campaign to expand nationwide, we couldn’t resist shouting it from the rooftops.

For the love of God, they created Brie ice cream. Give it a whirl.

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