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As a city, New York sure loves to take credit. (We hosted the Super Bowl, right?) And though we didn?t exactly birth the Beatles, we did launch them into global infamy. (Fact.)

Fifty years ago, four mop tops landed at JFK and turned America on its head. Whether you want to relive it or just learn more, you must visit ?Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!?

What you can expect Total nostalgia (or midcentury-fetish) overload. The exhibit dives into the 1964 arrival of the band, that legendary performance on The Ed Sullivan Show and the cultural whirlwind that ensued. Get ready to drool over original artifacts (from that iconic drum head to handwritten lyrics retrieved from a hotel trash can) and act like a kid in the interactive elements (the best of which is a virtual drum lesson from Ringo).

Tidbits we learned The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 and were exclusively a studio band after that (too much screaming). The media was hilariously prepped on the boys? personalities beforehand. (One press release warns of John?s unintentional ?stern face.?) And Paul was a rather small young man, judging from his Shea Stadium coat on display.

Runs through May 10; The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, 40 Lincoln Center Plaza (behind the Met Opera);

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