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Lingerie shopping is sort of like singing karaoke: a good idea, until you're under the bright lights and realize things don't exactly look and sound like they do in the shower. Drinking with friends certainly helps karaoke. So why not apply the same logic to buying a bra?

Well, Brooklyn-based lingerie concierge Flora Nuit did.

The concept borrows from the classic Tupperware-party paradigm but swaps brightly colored plastics for irresistibly lovely bras and panties. This way you can try on skivvies at home in peace (and under better lighting) and crowd-source opinions from your best buds.

Here?s how to start: Offer to be a hostess (or convince that friend with the killer loft), book a date and start thinking about the snacks Champagne. The ladies of Flora Nuit will send fun e-invites to your friends and arrive at your soiree with a rack of delicates (that are seriously so chic) in sizes 30A to 38E up top and XS to L down below.

Try on to your heart?s delight and place orders on the spot (which are delivered directly to each attendee in about two weeks). Everything is priced similarly to what you?d find at Bloomingdale?s (pro tip: the hostess gets a $75 credit), but the memory of your bestie belting ?Yonce? in a bustier after a few cocktails is entirely free.

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