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It?s your turn to have the building buddies over. Or maybe you?ve been tasked with coordinating the boss?s surprise birthday party. Sure, you might whip up cupcakes from scratch. (They are your specialty.) But mixing the perfect Negroni (the CEO?s favorite)? Not something you?re as confident at.

For your next soiree, skip the wine and beer. Get creative and call on Bottled Bartender.

No, it?s not a store-bought, super-processed beverage brand. It?s a personal service where professional bartender Aaron Polsky (he created the cocktail menu at Neta) mixes your concoctions and bottles them up, so all you have to do is pour.

To order, give Polksy a buzz and chat about the specifics of your event: the type of party, the number of people and the kind of cocktails you?re thinking of serving. Don?t worry if you?re stumped; he?s an expert at suggestions. (Wait till you try his old-fashioned.)

Then he?ll take care of the rest--from buying the supplies to bringing everything (including garnishes) to your door. The total cost will run you $3 a drink, plus the cost of alcohol (which he can get for pretty cheap).

This way, you can focus on dessert.

Call 732-703-7577 or email (make sure to include your phone number)

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