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There are some foods that know no season. Clam chowder in June, shrimp salad in January--the calendar can’t keep us from our cravings. (Year-round iced coffee drinkers, back us up here.)

Froyo is another. No matter the temps, we will always occasionally crave a cup of Pinkberry. But a new foodie haven is making us rethink the churned-from-a-machine stuff.

Blue Olive Market, a delightful all-Greek shop (slightly similar to Eataly but infinitely less crazy), scoops up fresh-strained Greek yogurt, plops it into a stand mixer and hits it with a burst of liquid nitrogen. The result is like no other frozen yogurt you’ve ever had. It’s basically edible velvet.

There are three different yogurts to choose from: the traditional full-fat variety (which is more rich than it is tart), a lighter version and a homemade mousse (made with egg whites to give it a meringue-like fluff). And of course, there are the requisite toppings--fruits, nuts, honey, chocolate, granola, the works--at your disposal.

Everything can also be ordered in its room-temperature state, but why wouldn’t you take advantage of getting to see your snack turn into a science experiment? Polar vortex be damned.

Blue Olive Market, 210 E. 41st St. (between Second and Third aves.); 212-922-0991 or

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