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Underdog Oscar nominees still playing around town
God, we're suckers for a period piece.
"The Invisible Woman"

Hear ye, hear ye: The Oscars are a mere four weeks away. And since most of the categories are dominated by the same handful of flicks (we get it, Gravity), it’s likely you already blew through most of the nominees before the new year.

For those random boxes on your office-pool ballot, though, here are some lesser-hyped films still playing in theaters.

Best costume design Between The Great Gatsby and American Hustle, this category has some stiff competition. Then again, the aforementioned don’t star Ralph Fiennes wearing a Victorian top hat. See him as Charles Dickens in The Invisible Woman, playing at Lincoln Plaza and Angelika Film Center.

Best cinematography One of this year’s biggest overall snubs, Inside Llewyn Davis did nab a nod for its (incredible) camera work. Think: hazy filters on 1960s Greenwich Village. Catch it at Lincoln Square, Kips Bay or Union Square.

Best foreign language film Many of these contenders are already available on iTunes, but there’s just something about reading subtitles on the big screen. Pine over Italy’s The Great Beauty at Lincoln Plaza or Angelika Film Center and get swept up in Belgium’s The Broken Circle Breakdown at Quad Cinema.

Best short films Starting this Friday, you can power through all the nominated shorts (both live-action and animated) at IFC Center.

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