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Sometimes you come across a piece of news that?s equal parts weird and amusing--and too intriguing not to see for yourself. (Cricket protein bars? Sure.)

So when we heard there was a yoga studio leading ladies-only, nude classes (gulp), we felt it was our duty to try it out.

First things first: Yes, you?re really naked. And no, no one?s judging. Think of it more like a women?s locker room than a peep show. We took a class with only a handful of other ladies--of varying shapes and sizes--and felt totally at ease. (Appropriately dim lighting helped, too.)

You can de-robe in a private space before making your way to your mat in the gorgeous Chelsea studio. Then the instructor leads you through a traditional vinyasa class. After the first downward dog, you won?t even remember you?re in your birthday suit--the idea being to free you of inhibitions and help you feel empowered in your own skin. (And just think of how much you?ll save in Lululemon expenses.)

Sure, sun salutations sans pants are not for everyone. But if nothing else, our watercooler talk just got a little more interesting.

$30 for the first class (mat and towel included); Thursdays at 7:15 p.m.; Bold & Naked, W. 23rd St. (exact location provided upon registration)

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