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Apartment-friendly exercise equipment'll have more time for this.

We love a killer workout class as much as the next girl. (Indoor rowing? Club-banger dance party? Trampolines? See you there.) But sometimes dragging yourself out of bed on a subzero morning (or, fine, away from happy hour) is just not worth the tap backs.

Want to know our secret weapon for squeezing in some cardio? Exercise equipment you can hide in your coat closet.

The collapsible stationary bike We just ordered this dandy from Amazon ($149), and it’s legit. The X-shaped frame is sturdy, the seat is wide and the resistance is adjustable. To store away, just pull the pin in the middle and draw the two ends together. No, you won’t have Ruth from Flywheel coaching you along, but you can burn off that morning’s bagel while binging on Revenge.

The hands-free elliptical machine For something that takes up even less space, try an elliptical without all the bulk ($90). Pull it out from under your bed, step on and get moving. Because there are no hand stabilizers, this is definitely for the more balance-savvy set. But in turn, your core will thank you. If you aren’t so sure-footed, you can also sit in a chair, pedal below and dive into a fierce new book.

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