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Geometry class? Never really your thing. (Save for all you engineers, you smarty-pants, you.) But take those boring polygons out of the textbook and apply them to the world of fashion...well, now we?re talking.

Introducing Jessie Dib, a Venezuelan-turned-New York jewelry designer who's got a penchant for all things angular.

Upon entering Dib?s website (and making it past the connect-the-dots maze), it doesn?t take long to appreciate her aesthetic. Her geometric necklaces are bold and fresh--an under-the-radar version of the statement necklaces currently in vogue--and infinitely more affordable.

Each piece is made to order by Dib and her close-knit team (and by close-knit, we mean her dad and brother). But the coolest part is that they?re fully customizable. Love the Rachael, but wish you could get it in Lucite? No problem. A fan of the Isa, but prefer gold to silver? Done. Rather take a page from Dib?s creativity book? You can also buy the pieces exactly as you see them on the site. (Please, please can we get the cobalt-and-orange Laura?)

Necklaces run from $30 to $220 depending on the detail and size. The slew of compliments to follow--think of them as an added bonus.

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