An art auction you can actually afford
Yeah, that's not happening.

We?ve completely come to terms with the fact that we may never (and we mean never) raise a paddle at an estate sale at Christie?s. Real talk: Elizabeth Taylor?s least valuable possessions cost more than our own life.

However, we?re quite pleased to have discovered an auction we can participate in--just over in Long Island City. Get ready for Beaux-Arts.

Founded by two of New York City?s most revered appraisers, Michael Capo and Marc Lester (both Sotheby?s vets), Beaux-Arts is a brand-new auction house serving up antique furniture and contemporary art from liquidated estates. But here?s the icing on the cake: The stuff is actually affordable.

Beaux-Arts opened this past October, and because of current market trends (read: big auction houses have started to get picky), Capo and Lester are able to offer the items places like Christie?s don?t want.

With live auctions held on a monthly basis, Beaux-Arts? previous catalogs have included everything from Art Deco furniture (averaging about $1,000 each) to original Damien Hirst artwork (upwards of $2,000).

The next auction is scheduled for January 25, and while it may not feature the Krupp Diamond, we?re just as eager to bid on a pair of gilded 18th-century sconces.

Beaux-Arts, 37-18 Northern Blvd., Long Island City; 718-606-6300 or

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