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Ready for your close-up?

You just had a brilliant side-project idea. (Artisanal, gluten-free Twinkies? Millennial mentoring program?) Thanks to Kickstarter and Facebook, spreading the word requires zero technical skill these days. But there’s one aspect of the marketing process that still needs a professional touch: video.

Rather than diving blind into LinkedIn (or guilt-trusting your friend’s sister’s boyfriend, who may or may not be working with a flip cam), go on Vidaao, a new online platform for hiring a professional team.

Here’s what you do: Fill out a brief form online, listing your project needs. Vidaao will recommend a handful of producers who will automatically submit proposals and quotes. You weed through the stack, interview your favorites and decide on a crew.

As for the video itself, Vidaao is also in the beta stage of rolling out online tools to brainstorm ideas, create a project timeline (including deadline-reminder emails), instant message with your videographers and make comments on the clips during editing.

Now for the money: Vidaao does charge a slight agency fee, based on a sliding scale that lessens as the overall production cost (which can be anywhere from $200 to $200,000) rises. But taking your project to the next level? That’s on the house.

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