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Stir Kinetic Desk
If you need us, we'll be over here burning calories.

Self-realization time: We New Yorkers work a lot. It’s kind of our thing. But as personally rewarding as leaning in may be, it also equates to massive amounts of time spent in a chair (read: on our butts). If you’re like us, you’ve daydreamed of a standing desk (or embarrassingly Googled a treadmill desk)...then realized that’s a tad aggressive for everyday use.

Now there’s a middle ground: the Stir Kinetic Desk.

It looks just like a normal tabletop (crafted right here in Brooklyn), but there’s an ingenious touch-screen element in the corner. To get some blood flowing, double tap the screen and the motorized legs will extend to meet you at your pre-programmed standing height. Double tap again to sit back down.

The touch screen does more than just act as a stop-and-go button, though. It also learns your habits and will occasionally suggest a leg stretch and let you know how many calories you’ve burned with your stand-up act.

Since the technology is spanking new, a Stir Kinetic Desk will set you back a cool $3,890. But surely your CFO would understand? Just file under “wellness expense”....

Take it for a spin at the WIRED holiday pop-up shop (through December 22), 353 W. 14th St. (at Ninth Ave.) and order on

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